On behalf of the organizing committee, Dobro Došli (welcome) to our annual K-W Serbian Food Festival. It is our pleasure to be able to share with you our culture and cuisine.

You will be entertained by a live Serbian band performing contemporary and traditional songs.

There is a wide array of authentic Serbian food to try. You can experience ćevape (chevape) and

goulash. If you haven’t been to a pig or lamb roast, then you can try our delicious roasted pig and lamb

hot off the spit. Another item that is often on our menu is a bull roast sandwich (roast beef sandwich)

hot off of the spit. A meat lover’s must-try. Come to the bar and enjoy a glass of rakija (Serbian plum

brandy), a centuries-old drink, with your hosts. Živeli! (Cheers!)

For those who have a sweet tooth, we will be serving our traditional desserts, which pair perfectly with

a cup of traditional Canadian Tim Hortons coffee :)

Our biggest thank you goes to our volunteers. There are countless hours needed to organize and run

this festival. Without the volunteers this festival would not be the successful annual tradition it has

become. A special recognition to the ‘Kolo’ of Serbian Sisters for all of their hours spent preparing food

and desserts. We would also like to thank the local Serbian community and our sponsors for all of their

support and donations.

It is our biggest hope that this festival will allow you and your family to spend a weekend in a tasty,

educational and enjoyable way. This is a small showcase of the Serbian culture geared towards

bringing community and families together.

Come and Enjoy a Taste of Serbia!


Your organizers at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church